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ahhan.gif (9160 bytes) Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage, The Second Punic War, 218-201 B.C. (1996)
A strategy game about The Second Punic War, Hannibal's march over the Alps and his subsequent 18 year campaign against Rome.

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ahkm.gif (7967 bytes) Kingmaker: War of the Roses - 15th Century (1976)
The Wars of the Roses was the period of sporadic Civil War in England between 1450 and 1490. Ruled by a weak and mentally unstable king, Henry VI, demoralized by defeat in France, encouraged by Richard, Duke of York and his sons, England's noble families used their private armies in attempts to gain control of the government.

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ahbb.gif (9329 bytes) Blackbeard: The golden age of piracy (1991)
Near the turn of the 18th Century lived men whose names passed into legend, Edward Teach (Blackbeard), Bartholomew Roberts, Long Ben Avery, William Kidd and a score more of the worst cutthroats that ever hoist a Jolly Rodger.

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ahwtp.gif (7370 bytes) We the People: The American Revolution. (1993)
On April 19, 1775, American Minutemen fired the shot heard 'round the world'. Join the war for independence.

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ahwsim.gif (7614 bytes) Wooden Ship &  Iron Men: Naval warfare during the age of fighting sail. (1975)
Command any of the hundreds of great fighting ships of the chivalrous age of sail. Recreate the battles of John Paul Jones, Admiral De Grasse and Lord Nelson.

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ahson.gif (8004 bytes) The Struggle of Nations: The War of German Liberation. (1981)
By 1913, every French soldier, from the lowest private to the highest-ranking official in the Administration, began to recognize Napoleon himself as the greatest obstacle to an agreement with the Allies, who for their part found the idea of a continued Napoleonic reign intolerable. This is the setting for Napoleon's Spring and Autumn Campaigns in Saxony - 1813.

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ahgoa.gif (7614 bytes) The Guns of August: The Great War of 1914-1918. (1981)
The thunder of the Krupp howitzers that brought down the fort in the Belgian town of Liege would deafen all Europe. For the next four years there would be no quiet on the Western Front in France, the Eastern Front of Russia, in the Italian Alps and on the Balkan foothills. The only peace would be among the dead.

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ahsl.gif (5646 bytes) Squad Leader: The game of infantry combat in WWII. (1977)
A game of WWII tactical combat in Europe. You make the instant decisions resulting in life or death for your men, victory or defeat for your army. You direct the fire of your squad, select your plan of attack, or set your defenses against the enemy.

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ahcoi.gif (5834 bytes) Cross of Iron: The game of tactical warfare on the Russian front, SQL Gamette I. (1978)
A gripping game of tactical combat on the Russian Front. The gamette introduces features like: Rockets, Paratroop Drops, SS, Cavalry, AT Rifles and Snipers.

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ahcod.gif (5669 bytes) Crescendo of Doom: The game of tactical warfare on the Western Front, 1939-1941, SQL Gamette II. (1979)
This gamette takes you from the invasion of Poland through the heroic defense of tiny Finland against the Russian behemoth, the blitzkrieg conquests of Norway and the Low Countries.

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ahgi.gif (6237 bytes) G.I. Anvil of Victory: The game of tactical warfare on the Western Front, 1942-1944, SQL Gamette III. (1982)
It's December, 1941, Europe lays stricken beneath the Nazi boot, only Britain stands fast before the swastika. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor will usher the U.S. into WWII and seal the doom of the Third Reich.

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ahuf.gif (6618 bytes) Up Front: The Squad Leader Card Game. (1983)
A player's game, rich in detail yet easily playable within the space of a lunch hour. Like Squad Leader, Up Front allows endless Design-Your-Own variations of small unit actions between American, German and Russian combatants.

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ahpb.gif (4869 bytes) Panzer Blitz: The game of armored warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-45. (1970)
A game that enables you to recreate the drama and furious action of tactical-level armored warfare.

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ahpl.gif (4869 bytes) Panzer Leader: The game of armored warfare on the Western Front 1944-45. (1974)
Re-create all of the fast, furious action of tactical armored combat on the western front.

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ahrc.gif (8134 bytes) The Russian Campaign: The German campaign against the Soviet Union. (1976)
On December the 18th, 1940 Hitler issued 'Fuhrer Directive No. 21' code named Barbarossa, which said: "The Soviet Union is to be crushed in one swift campaign before the war ends with England". It's now June the 22th, 1941 and the words of Adolf Hitler echoes: "When Barbarossa begins all the world will hold its breath"

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ahaf.gif (7773 bytes) Air Force: Plane to plane combat in Europe. (1980)
A game that allows you to recreate representative historical air battles from any period between the Battle of Britain of June 1940 through the massive air offensives over Germany.

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ahdau.gif (7372 bytes) Dauntless: Aerial combat over the Pacific, Air Force gamette. (1981)
The gamette that allows you to recreate representative historical air battles from any period of the Pacific War. The gamette introduces new Mission Types like anti-torpedo plane patrol, carrier strikes, island attacks and anti-submarine missions.

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ahb17.gif (7183 bytes) B 17: Queen of the Skies. (1983)
Solitaire game about the bombing missions and aerial combat of the B-17 bombers of the U.S. Eight Air Force over Europe between November 1942 and May 1943.

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ahsub.gif (7477 bytes) Submarine: Tactical game about the submarine war. (1978)
Operation Sea Lion has been canceled, the Battle of Britain is lost.  Or has it?   German U-boats penetrates the British destroyer screens and sinks the ships of the convoys in the Battle of the Atlantic, and might still be able to bring England to her knees.

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ahft.gif (7477 bytes) Flat Top: Carrier battles in the Pacific 1942. (1981)
In 1942, the Solomon Islands, New Guinea and the surrounding waters hosted many of the hardest fought and most critical battles in the Pacific Theater.

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ahfe.gif (7816 bytes) Fortress Europa: World War II Western Front Invasion game. (1980)
A recreation of the Allied campaign in Western Europe from the D-Day to March 1945.

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ahfp.gif (7626 bytes) Firepower: Man-to-Man squad tactics, 1965 to the present. (1984)
A detailed look at the organization, weapons, equipment and tactics of many of the world's nations since 1965. During the long 'peace' since the end of WWII, there has been innumerable wars and threats of wars. New weapons have entered the forces.

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ahta.gif (8829 bytes) Tac Air: Modern Air-Land Battles in Germany. (1988)
Command the most intense and techologically advanced combat environment on earth, Central Europe today. U.S. VII Corp commander are charged with the defense og the Hof Gap area. The Warsaw Pact commander of the Central Group Forces must smash the NATO defenses.

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ahfl.gif (8092 bytes) Flight Leader: Air-to-Air Jet combat tactics, 1950 to the present. (1986)
Step into the cockpit of a high performance jet fighter, refight any battles from the subsonic gunnery duels of the Korean War to the deadly technology of supersonic missile engagements of the present day.

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ahmr.gif (8748 bytes) Magic Realm: The game about fantasy adventuring. (1979)
The Magic Realm is a changing land of mountains of sorcery, deep woods steeped in elf-magic and cursed desolation, a wilderness at the edge of the world. A land of mystery and suprises.  Tresure troves, dragons, warlike tribes, castles and monsters lie in wait for the adventures to pass by.

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ahelric.gif (8122 bytes) Elric: Young Kingdom Adventure Game. (1983)
For millenia, the eldritch race of Melnibone has dominated and ruled the world. Now, with the inexorable passgae of time, Melnibone's grasp is the soft touch of the forgetful elder. Now is the time for the Young Kingdoms, the Throne of Dominion stand vacant.

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ahgan.gif (8748 bytes) Gangsters: The game about the prohibition-era. (1992)
The prohibition is in full swing and illegal booze flows from every speakeasy in town. Cops on the take look the other way. Violence erupts whenever rival gangs overstep their territory.

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ahsibb.gif (8509 bytes) Bowl Bound: The game of College football. (1978)
It's your chance to quarterback  your favorite college team to a National Championship.

ahsire.gif (7494 bytes) Regatta: Championship Yacht racing. (1979)
As starting time for the race draws near, the colorful yachts mill around the starting line. Each skipper maneuvers to gain the best position when the gun goes off. They begin to draw together. Sheets are trimmed, speed picks up, and . . . BANG! The starting gun has fired and the race is on.

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