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3w.gif (946 bytes) 3W
3w1944.gif (7629 bytes) 1944: The Second Front (1990)
A strategic game of the last year of WWII in Western Europe. Beginning with the D-Day landings in June 1944, onto the breakout and the race for the Rhine.

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adglogo.gif (1473 bytes) Australian Design Group
adgwif.gif (7036 bytes) World in Flames: The Global conflict 1939-1945. (1985)
Multiplayer strategic level re-creation of the Second World War, covering both the Pacific and the European theater of operation.

sjg2.gif (1281 bytes)      groglogo.gif (268 bytes)     cb.gif (974 bytes)       VASSAL

cgi-logo.gif (1027 bytes) Clash of Arms
coals.gif (7125 bytes) Landships!: Tactical weapons inovations, 1914-1918. (1994)
As the stench and horror of WWI trench warfare increase, both sides seek the breakthrough weapon; immense barrages, air power, flamethrowers, even poison gas. All are tried and found wanting. At last the most awesome machine of all is made ready.

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coaedel.gif (8057 bytes) Edelweiss: The struggle in the Caucasus July-November 1942. (1989)
Hitler's obsession with oil to fuel his expanding Third Reich made the petroleum works at Maykop, Groznyy and Baku the primary targets for his summer offensive of 1942.

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cgi-logo.gif (1027 bytes) Columbia Games
cgqu1759.gif (8057 bytes) Quebec 1759: A game about the battle between French and British forces for control of North America. (1972)
The hardwood playing counters allow a very high degree of limited intelligence and automatic step-reduction.

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gibson.gif (1975 bytes) Gibsons Games
gibciv.gif (7599 bytes) Civilization: From the dawn of history to the eve of Christianity, you need to develop and nurture your own Civilization. Decide when and where to build cities, and begin trading first in basic commodities before moving onto medicine, music and democracy.

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osg.gif (1193 bytes) Operational Studies Group
osgnal.gif (8059 bytes) Napoleon at Leipzig: The battle of nations. October 14-19, 1813. (1979)
The largest battle of the Nineteenth Century. After the Grande Armée was shattered on the Russian Steppes, Napoleon tries to regain the initiative in Germany, but his former allies, Prussia and Austria, turn traitor and attack.

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osghk.gif (6321 bytes) Highway to the Kremlin: Napoleon's march on Moscow, June 24- December 13, 1812. (2001)
The treaty of Tilist in 1807 gave a fragile five years peace between France and Russia. In Napoleon's frustration over the Tsar's lack of cooperation in his embargo against the British, he decided against his advisors and attacked Russia.

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osslogo.gif (1664 bytes) One Small Step
ossry.gif (6968 bytes) Rebel Yell: A small unit tactics game about the American Civil War. (1995)

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sjg1.gif (2490 bytes) Steve Jackson Games
sjgcw.gif (6018 bytes) Car Wars: Game of the freeways of the future (1981)
The right of way belongs to the biggest guns. Players choose their vehicle and come home as 'aces' or 'crash and burn'.

sjg2.gif (1281 bytes)      groglogo.gif (268 bytes)       VASSAL

sjgcc.gif (6093 bytes) Crash City: Roleplaying supplement for Car Wars (1982 1st edition was called Sunday Drivers)
There is never a dull moment in Midville.

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sjgts.gif (6240 bytes) Truck Stop: The 18-wheelers are coming, Roleplaying supplement for Car Wars (1983)
Truckers have quite a reputation. Professional, skilled with both rigs and their weapons... or they don't last long.

sjg2.gif (1281 bytes)      groglogo.gif (268 bytes)

sjgroi.gif (6027 bytes) Raid on Iran: On April 24, 1980 the US launched a rescue mission to free 53 hostages held captive in Iran. (1980)
The mission was aborted, but what if they had gone in? The game simulates what might have been.

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sjggev.gif (4553 bytes) Ogre/G.E.V.: Tactical ground combat game in a not so distant future. (1977,1978,1982,2000)
In 2085 AD., armored warfare continues, faster and deadlier than ever.

sjg2.gif (1281 bytes)      groglogo.gif (268 bytes)     cb.gif (974 bytes)       VASSAL

tfg.gif (1030 bytes) Task Force Games
tfgewr.gif (7158 bytes) East Wind Rain: The war in the Pacific 1941-1945.
In November 1941 Japan sent her carriers across the Pacific on December 7, 1941. The fleet launched an attack against the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, the first objective of the imperial war strategy code named 'East Wind Rain'.

groglogo.gif (268 bytes)

tfgsfb.gif (7239 bytes) Star Fleet Battles: Could you command a Starship. (1979)
The challenge of Starship Command, out-thinking, outshoooting and out maneuvering your opponent in warp speed dogfight.

adb.gif (287 bytes)      groglogo.gif (268 bytes)

tfgfe.gif (7609 bytes) Federation & Empire: Battle for the Galaxy. (1986,1989,1990,1993)
Set in the universe of Star Fleet Battles, the Grand Alliance battles the Coalition for control of the Galaxy.

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weg.gif (1158 bytes) West End Games
wegwas.gif (7603 bytes) Web and Starship: Earth between two foes. (1984)
Two great civilizations faced each other across the Carina arm. The Gwynhfarr roamed the stars in mighty quantum-leap vessels. The Pereen linked their worlds together with the Web, and squeezed between them was Earth.

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wegsti.gif (7662 bytes) Star Trek: The Adventure Game. (1985)
The United Federation and Klingon Empire explore unknown planets across the immense distances of space. With an outright war between the two interstellar powers forbidden by the Organian Treaty, both are constantly striving to increase their prestige and size by discover, explore, persuade or forcing new worlds to join them.
wegst3.gif (6986 bytes) Star Trek III: Three solitaire games in one. (1985)
The Kobayashi Maru: Star Fleets Academy's most rigorous and demanding test. The Sherwood Syndrome: On the medieval planet Syngreal, a Federation sociologist has betrayed the Prime Directive and elevated a feudal lord to planetary dictator. Free Enterpri$e: Out-trade and out-smart the Klingons.
yaquinto.gif (985 bytes) Yaquinto
yaqcv.gif (7858 bytes) C.V.: A game of the Battle of Midway, 1942. (1979)
Take command of the forces, your action and decision will determine the outcome.

groglogo.gif (268 bytes)

yaqpanz.gif (7256 bytes) Panzer: A Tactical game of armored combat on the Eastern Front, 1941-1945. (1979)
You command a small ground force of armored and unarmored troops.

adc.gif (973 bytes)     Game is reprinted by Excalibre Games.

yaq88.gif (7488 bytes) '88': A tactical game of armored combat on the North African Front, 1940-1942. (1980)
The intense battles in North Africa, from Beda Fomm over Tobruk to El Alamein.

Game is reprinted by Excalibre Games.
yaqwings.gif (8752 bytes) Wings: Plane to plane combat in World War I. (1981)
You are in the cockpit, and the making or changing of history is in your hands.

Game is reprinted by Excalibre Games.

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