Victory Games

vgcw.gif (7702 bytes) 1809: Napoleon's Danube Campaign. (1984)
Three grueling monthss of bitter conflict, thrusting Napoleon's 'little conscripts' against a re-vitalized Austrian army determined to anvenge its humiliating defeats of the past.

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vgcw.gif (7702 bytes) The Civil War: 1861-18655. (1983)
A game covering all from the epic campaigns of the East, to the ceaseless skirmishing in Texas and the Western Territories and throughout the vast lands in between. A dynamic portrait of this immense struggle, from its infancy to its final gasp.

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vgpw.gif (7103 bytes) Pacific War: The struggle against Japan 1941-1945. (1985)
Strategic wargame from Pearl Harbor to the climactic summer of '45, from China to Australia, from Burma to Hawaii, from the defense of Wake Island and the Guadacanal campaign to the desperate defense of the Japanese homeland.

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vgcar.gif (8111 bytes) Carrier: The Southwest Pacific Campaign: 1942-1943. (1990)
Solitaire simulation of the carrier battles in the Southwest Pacific during the hotly-contested naval campaigns of 1942 and 1943.  As the U.S. commander maneuver the task forces and conduct air searches in hope to find the Japanese carriers before they locate and attack yours.

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gdw1941.gif (8353 bytes) Ambush: Solitaire squad level WWII combat in France, 1944 (1983)
Select and arm your squad for and take on the German foe that tries to stop you from liberating France.

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gdwbop.gif (8804 bytes) Move Out: An expansion kit to for 'Ambush'. (1984)
This will further test your squad's ability to survive tougher-than-usual situations in Europe.


gdwbota.gif (7710 bytes) Purple Heart: Expansion kit two for 'Ambush'. (1985)
Your battle hardened squad is up against their toughest test so far.


gdwbop.gif (8804 bytes) Silver Star: An expansion kit to for 'Ambush'. (1987)
Silver Star is the toughest of all expansion kits, be prepared to lose lots of your men, as you fight your way through Italy.


vgbh.gif (8023 bytes) Battle Hymn: Solitaire squad level WWII combat in the Pacific. (1986)
Select and arm your Marine squad and take on the deceptive and ever-changing Japanese foe.

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vgbh.gif (8023 bytes) Leather Neck: An expansion kit for 'Battle Hymn'. (1987)
Stakes are high, the mission dangerous, and the enemy cunning.  Lead your men through steaming jungle and across shell-torn beaches, but most of all lead them home again.

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vgbh.gif (8023 bytes) Open Fire: Solitaire Tank Combat in WWII. (1988)
The exploits of the 4th Armored Division in WW II.


gdwbop.gif (8804 bytes) Omaha Beachhead: Battle for the Bocage'. (1987)
Tactical simulation of the American amphibious assault against the coast of Normandy.
Can you as the U.S. player fulfill your 'Overlord' mission to link up with Utah and the British beaches, while striking south to capture St. Lo.

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vghhomg.gif (7180 bytes) Hell's Highway: Holland, 1944 Operation Market Garden. (1983)
A simulation of the largest airborne campaign of World War II. Three airborne divisions are dropped 60 miles behind German lines in Holland to seize and hold a series of roads and bridges until British ground forces can break through.

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gdwasup.gif (6547 bytes) The Korean War: June 1950- May 1951. (1986)
An operational level simulation of the first year of the conflict for control of the Korean peninsula, from the first North Korean attack, thru UN-forces invasion of Inch'on and the subsequent drive into North Korea that unleashed the Chinese counter attack.

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gdwastr.gif (6354 bytes) Viet Nam: 1965-1975. (1984)
A simulation of the longest, most complex and least understood conflict in US history in all of it's military and political aspects.

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gdwharp.gif (7196 bytes) Central America: The United States' Backyard war. (1987)
Since the building of the Panama Canal, the United States has vested itself with the role of regional caretaker through the enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine. Times change, but the Central American issues and US policy toward them have not changed.

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gdwww3.gif (7961 bytes) 2nd Fleet: Modern naval combat in the North Atlantic. (1986)
The Second game in the Fleet series, it examines the strengths and weaknesses of the Soviet Red Banner Northern Fleet and the US Second Fleet with it's NATO allies in a future conflict for control of the North Atlantic.

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gdwsf.gif (8097 bytes) Sixth Fleet: Modern naval combat in the Mediterranean Sea. (1985)
A simulation game of near future combat for control of the Mediterranean Basin.

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gdwaf.gif (7585 bytes) 7th Fleet: Modern naval combat in the Far East. (1987)
The Third game in the Fleet series, it pits the Soviet and American navies against each other in the wide reaches of the Pacific Ocean.

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